Product Branding


Product Branding

Modern corporate etiquette mandates that every entity needs to have its own philosophy and identity that defines the brand.

After all, what is a brand? It is a concept to be communicated, about an entity that sells goods or services. This concept is what defines it. And that concept is intangible, an idea that grows and envelops its target audience, making it a way of life.

Communication of this concept is therefore, key. How one does it can make or break the brand. Brand identity starts with understanding the business, and making an effort to put it to pen and paper. A logo, a tagline, visual graphics, and the use of these in stationary such as a letterhead, business cards, signages, promotional gifts, roll-up banners and so on, down to the purchase order, booking order and even a simple file cover. In the simplest form, branding needs to use design creatively and intelligently.

So before you embark on this glorious design journey, ask yourself: are you using the best in design? Is your identify enhanced by, or absorbed in, the design?

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